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Apply to participate in the Face.Age documentary HERE.

Face.Age is a documentary examination of how we see ourselves and others. This multifaceted project will guide participants in two diverse age groups, 18-24 and 65 and older, to explore the physical characteristics and personal experiences of other participants as well as divulge into his or her own perception of aging.

Aging is a complex and often sensitive subject. The project will facilitate various exercises and activities to allow participants to open up and engage in conversations to discuss the way they see themselves and the way they think others see them.

Filming Face.AgeFace.Age is currently looking for participants to be featured in the documentary.

General Info: The Face.Age team is looking for possible participants between the ages of 18-24, and 65 years and older. Participants will be provided lunch, snacks and beverages during the dates listed below.

WHEN: Thursday, May 15th & Friday, May 16th
WHERE: Cultural Arts Building at the University Of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW).
Wilmington, NC.

Apply to participate in the Face.Age documentary HERE.